About Designer

I became interested in fashion as a teenager when I started dancing. I was fascinated by the costumes, stages, hairdos and make-up.   The first important projects I worked on, were to create different costumes for dancers, including the ones in the popular TV-show “We Love Estonia”.   As a result of this the demand for my designs grew and that is how FaFaDesign was born.

The name Fafa has been my nickname since I was a teenager, so it was not difficult to come up with a name for the brand.
The aim of the brand is to create unique clothing, which is why I never create two identical looking items of clothing, (apart for items commissioned for teams). I believe that each person should feel special about themselves when wearing my clothing.
The emphasis of the brand lies in creating, not working together. Because of that, I have included people who think outside the box- with my mother we use Shibori dying technique, while my aunt crochets, knits and embroiders gorgeous garments. All the seamstresses help me to carry out my vision and if I have time, I love to sew a little as well.


My good helpers –  my mom and aunt.

The fabrics for the FaFa collection are sourced from all around the world, including Estonia. It is a fun fact that some fabrics used to belong to my grandmother!   I am a firm believer in recycling and as an animal lover I find animals to be a great source of inspiration. Thus I will never use fur or skin in any of my collections.